Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good, Clean, Dirty Fun

Another overnighter for KevAndDonna this past weekend, down I-81 to Hagerstown, MD. Of course, Kev can't simply blast down the interstate if there's a little time to do some wandering, so we jumped off about 2/3 of the way down and availed ourselves of the road less traveled. Well, one of us did, anyway.

This was a club ride led by yours truly. For years, Ed and Eddy hosted this ride to Hagerstown Speedway for some good, old-fashioned Saturday night dirt-track racing. Racing at its purest, flat-track is, having its roots at horse tracks and county fairs from the day the second combustion engine was used to drive a wheel. I was always fascinated by these fearless men broadsliding their machines thru the turns elbow to elbow at triple-digit speeds, and always wondered if I myself could cut it. (Fortunately, I have even less money than I do brains, so I never got to find out.) Anyway, this was the year I finally decided to make the time and just go.

The year that Ed and Eddy didn't make the run.

So, I decided to host it myself. A few members showed up to ride along, but as was foreshadowed in the first paragraph, (foreshadowing: classic plot device used by gifted writers to build suspense) Donna was not one of them. Not being able to leave at our meeting time, however, was not enough to keep someone like the Donna we know and love from making an easy 150-mile jaunt down the interstate on her own. The other five of us got to the hotel too early to check in, so I freelanced a quick ride to a nearby diversion, and by the time we returned from our visit to the "first" Washington Monument in nearby Boonsboro, Donna pulled in to the Days Inn right behind us.

After a nice dinner, we had a great time enjoying the spectacle that is AMA Grand National flat track racing. Just a good old, country-style Saturday night with a beer and hot dog, watching the ol' boys have at it. Simple fun, for a couple thousand simple folks like us. It's stuff like this that makes us just stop for a minute and realize how truly natural we are together, and how lucky we were to find each other. And why we can never let go.

We still have a bunch of fun things planned before summer runs out on us, and a couple of them include strapping the bags to the fenders again. We do an awful lot of things awfully well together, but that's what we do best.