Monday, November 2, 2009

My Name is KevAndDonna, and I'm an Alcoholic

It has been duly noted long ago that Kev and Donna are not good at sitting still. We actually do spend time doing things other than riding or drinking, but you'd never know it by reading our blogs. Then again, do you really want to read, "today we did 4 loads of laundry, took the girls driving, went to a soccer game, then came home and logged in to work to catch up on stuff before making supper and watching Desperate Houswives."

Didn't think so.

Okay, maybe some stories about us teaching our daughters how to drive would be entertaining. But this isn't KevAndDonnaAndCourtneyAndKatrina.

So in our defense, the last post had absolutely no mention of brewed or distilled beverages whatsoever. This one, conversely, is nothing but, and here the bikes stayed parked all weekend. Actually, that wasn't the plan, but that's how it worked out.

Our HOG Halloween party was last weekend, and the theme was a pajama / slumber party. Donna's idea was to be my teddy bear and I would be the little boy with the blankie. We went to the costume shop with that as a primary, but alas, the teddy bear didn't fit. So, aww darn it, we had to move to Kev's idea, which was Hugh Hefner in his smoking jacket and pipe and his bunny on his arm. Donna was in reluctantly (or at least having given the appearance of reluctance...) with the proviso that there would be no overt sluttiness, especially with Kevin's mom expected in attendance. We hit the target with a (semi-) tasteful fairy costume in pink, and ditched the wings in favor of a set of bunny ears. The killer, though, was the stop-traffic shoes: clear spike heels laced in ribbon all he way up those sexy calves. Jesus, if my tooth fairy looked like that I'd have been on my 5th set of dentures by graduation.

Since we had the accessories found and bought, we just rented the jacket again for this week and reinvented the playmate with an unused costume from last year. And since this was a Kid Free Weekend (every 6 weeks for us) we maximized our investment by finding a party on Friday night. (Remember the 'not sitting still' part?) In between there was the bike raffle Saturday morning.

So the schedule went like this: Friday night, get home from work, get dressed, go party. Get home late, get up, get showers, stop at the Harley dealer for the Halloween sale on the way to the bike raffle. Drink free beer until someone else wins the bike. Leave, go grocery shopping, go home, recall it's a kid-free weekend, get another shower, and get dressed for Halloween for the third time. Party with our rowdy friends to Donna's favorite band, and drink free beer. Get home late.

Sunday morning, we actually did get up early for the Philly toy run, but it was raining at 5 and the radar promised no improvement down the Turnpike. We heard a couple bikes rumble past, but we figured we were being guided from above to rest. And the house was empty...

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