Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Easter Chicks

Spring has finally sprung, or so it seems. Two weekends ago, we thought we got real lucky with a couple sunny, 70-degree days. We took advantage of that and got in some riding, ending up in Maryland on Sunday. The intervening time has been generally warmer than anything in recent history, but not really riding weather. Until this weekend.
As luck would have it, our calendar was open for today. Reprising a role that Donna played regularly before we met, we put on our Social Director hats Thursday night and sent out some invitations for a spur-of-the-Saturday ride with friends. These end up being ragtag groups of all kinds of freaks and weirdos rolling down the road and are usually a fun adventure.
I laid out a nice 250-mile scenic route with some roads I knew, some that Donna knew, and some nobody had ever seen before. Which is a tough thing to do with Dad along. There isn't much ground within a day's ride that he hasn't covered.
We got probably the average response rate or a little less, which was cool. What made it really neat was that everybody who responded was female! Mom signed up Dad, and we heard from Jane and Lisa, (who, along with Donna, now need a catchy nickname like Triple Trouble or something). We picked up a dude along the way, but for the most part Kev was the pied piper with a school of Easter Chicks following his ass around all day. And folks, it doesn't get much better than that.
Happy Easter!

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