Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hey Bud, Where Ya Been?


On an esoteric level, yes, bud, it's been a while.  Been, well, away.  Not in a way that begs reading between the lines for any life drama, just away, in the sense that we haven't been seen here on LBB, filing regular reports.

On a black-and-white, ledger accounting kind of level, we've been lots of places doing lots of things.  Things that, one, take our time and attention away from blogging, and, two, aren't really very exciting.  But Gretchen has completely worn out a tire already, so we must have been doing something.  And we have only a single blog post to show for it. 

I'll get to work on that. 

I've been riding to work a lot more this year, since Judi is not carpooling.  Donna and I have done a lot of riding locally, too.  And even though there is no "bike trip" on our agenda this year 

(I'll pause while you regain your composure)

we did just get back from a week at the lake house which turned out to be 1,250 miles worth of day trips.  We found 4 different ways to cross into upstate New York (OK, we already knew one of 'em) and spent the lion's share of our time exploring roads just as unfamiliar to us as the ones in Wyoming last year.  In the process, we saved a ton of money, pushed the relax-o-meter completely off the dial, and got to spend our nights in a place we love so much and don't see nearly enough.  And it was 15 degrees cooler than the heatwave everybody was bitching about back home.  Total win.

I'm thinking back on some of the other places that tire has been in those 7,000 miles, and I guess we did do a lot of cool stuff after all. Geez, I hope we're the point where, if it doesn't involve places 1,000 miles from home, we don't get very excited about it.  I guess maybe we just think *you* wouldn't get very excited about it.

So I'll get up some notes about the Finger Lakes, and the Dirty Dutchman day, and Johnstown Bike week (aka Thunder in the Valley) and whatever else I deem noteworthy. 

But first, a couple pix from Friday Night, before we headed for the hills:

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