Sunday, August 7, 2016

Tale of the Tape

Interesting stuff along the way:

This was in many was the "Trip of Missed Opportunities."  We did not get to see the most spectacular part of the Cabot Trail at all, which was as close as you could come for a singular "destination" for this trip.  My miscalculation on that first Monday cost us any exploration of Summerside and Prince Edward Island.  We didn't get out of dinner in Halifax until after dark when the street performers (busker festival in town) had mostly packed up.  And I always have some weird photo stops in my trips that make us look back and laugh.  We missed, for various reasons, a day our of Prince Edward Island, the Skowhegan Indian, a giant Paul Bunyan, a Blueberry Man, and in the Bay of Fundy, a reversing waterfall and a tidal bore.  A tidal bore is an actual wave come the wrong way up a river.  There were, of course, a couple World's Largest something or others in there as well.

We did get to the 45th Parallel marker and giant mastodon, and ironically that was not a good moment.  There was a lot of tension in the surrounding hours over time and distance and sightseeing was not a priority.  All ended well.

We always adjust on the fly on our trips, and some things always get cut out and end up being a reason to go back.  I don't know if these amount to a reason to repeat a 3,300 mile trip, but we've traveled further for less.

The tools never came out of the bag.  That's always good.  Jim did replace a headlight, and I had some wheel weights depart their home, but both were minor and fixed with only a keychain screwdriver.  2 segments of my LED fuel gauge quit, though, and made things a bit interesting.  I'll have to replace that now that we're home.

We made a college-age man go "awww..." along with some of his coworkers.  In Halifax, the hotel had valet parking underground.  Nobody valets bikes, nor would any sane person let them, so we took them down ourselves.  The morning guy saw them parked side by together with our license plates that read "2 SOUL" and "MATES" and it made him all sappy. The first thing out of his mouth was "which bikes are yours?"

Speaking of which, we are the best people we know at what we do, and we seem to be better off ourselves.  We love our friends, some of whom are better riders than others, some of whom who are more agreeable than others, but we really do seem to be 2 unique people and we can just kill it when we're out there together.  It's how we met, and it's us at our best.

There's another anecdote yet, and another observation that I hope to get up here in a day or two.  And we've sorted the pictures so I'll try to get some in the Picasa gallery that's linked.  Since we got back 4 days ago, I fixed the dryer, we did all the laundry, and came back up here to Lake Wally to finish sealing the deck.  Friday, we leave for Ohio.  Ya gotta live while you're alive.

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