Monday, February 16, 2009

Be My Valentine

A lot of things with our relationship seem to be either predetermined and unstoppable, or have some neat convergence that makes them seem a neat coincidence or somethow fitting. I'm sure most couples will say the same thing, but I bet the evidence favors us in most cases.

So it is, then, with the official start of our relationship. We came across a non-sold out Kid Rock show at the Borgata in Atlantic City that happened to be on Valentine's Day weekend, and as our tastes in music are pretty much the same, we thought there would be no better way to set off on an actual date-type thing. The thing that makes it perfect is that Kid Rock is the first live show we saw together a few days after we met. He was on stage in Milwaukee for the H-D 105th and a bunch of our group were on hand to catch the show.

We made a short weekend out of it and spent the time together becoming valentines. Obviously, it worked. We haven't sat still since.

As for the Kid, his show was incredible -just like the first time.

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