Sunday, March 22, 2009

Meet the Fockers

Today, we took a very chilly ride to Mike's Famous in New Castle, DE. It was the first time we got the bikes out for a ride of any length this year, which we've been dying to do, but was also another significant first: It was our 1st ride as a couple with Mom & Dad.

It's really cool having parents who ride, and Kevin has sort of taken that for granted, while Donna's parents were from another generation. Mom, Dad and Kevin all met Donna at the same time (see 1st post) and we spent 1,200 miles on the road as part of a larger group. Everybody loves everybody. It's a beautiful thing, and we plan to do a *lot* more of this before anybody hangs up their helmet.

This also happens to be Donna's first foray onto I-95 with her bike. We have the feeling it won't be the last...

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