Friday, June 12, 2009

New Bern, NC

Day 2, and we leave with the suits on again just in case, but it kept getting warmer and sunnier and we ended up taking them off as we entered Virginia on the southern tip of the peninsula and headed for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. We decided to plan for lunch in Virginia Beach and have some friends meet us in North Carolina for dinner. But when you factor in Klinger time, dinner ended up being 8:00, and we were barely staying dry all the way down to New Bern. We spent way too much $$$ eating a fancy dinner al fresco dressed like Hell's Angels, and then the rainsuit failed. Failed in a BIG way.

Just as we paid the check, the sky started to flash. Then came the rain, light at first. By now, it's pitch black, and I know what's coming next. We have no hotel, saw none in town, and have only the faintest idea where we are. Karen and [the other] Kevin are 3 hours from home, and we all are about to ride aimlessly in the dark, in the rain, unable to see anything but distorted starbursts of light refracted through our wet eyewear.

Sure enough, it was pouring by the time we got our gear on. We waited through what we hoped was the heaviest part, and took off in the rain, parting with our friends within a few blocks. Think of the most fun you ever had... think, think...

Got it? Now, imagine the complete 180-degree opposite. That's what this is. Anyway, we get up a ramp onto the only "highway" anywhere near our little burg. Just as we're heading out of town, we find the last exit, which is where all the motels are. It was funny as hell when we pulled over and I told Donna that the Hampton and Courtyard I see will both likely be kind of costly. Let's just say price was not a factor.

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