Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wandering Aimlessly

Time to cross some more states off the list.

We had decided some months ago to block off this weekend for a road trip to be named later. Time for just wandering aimlessly without a plan and seeing where we end up.

When the time came, "where we ended up" was decided entirely by -what else- the weather map. The only shot we remotely had at staying dry was to head south along the coast, so that's where we pointed the handlebars. We ran down Rt. 1, crossed the Annapolis Bay Bridge over to the DelMarVa peninsula, and called it a day in Salisbury, MD. Again, we miraculously got sprinkled on, but never really soaked. In fact, we got tired of taking the suits on and off and sweating in them when it wasn't raining. And again, the skies opened up while we were taking showers. I love that rainsuit.

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