Saturday, October 10, 2009


What a good call that was. We rode out of rain somewhere down the PA turnpike, and made it here to Ocean City, MD around 4. It was 80 degrees yesterday and should hit that again today. We rode home from the Purple Moose last night at 1 am, and it was still 75. Overnight is supposed to be in the 30s in Wellsboro, PA, where we initially planned to go.

We came here to settle a bet, the payoff of which was a dinner of steamed crabs. So after we checked in and cleaned up, we found a crabhouse and had a good time smashing the little buggers with our wooden hammers.

And also tonight, we're going to see my buddy Crabby play next door at Fager's Island. He's one of the old CDNOW crew, and Bigg Romeo is still Philly's Hottest Party Band! We saw a chance to take advantage of the synchronicity, and booked the last room in town a few blocks down the street. So it's a Crabfest all the way around for KevAndDonna this weekend.

We're having a great time with our bonus summer weekend here. We are just so good together, it really is pathetic. We're going to get on the bikes and head down to Chinconteague to see the ponies, and when we're tired of riding we're going to hit the boardwalk for a little before getting all cleaned up for our night out with Bigg Romeo.

Also, it's cruiser weekend here, and there are a million cool cars running up and down the main drag. People are lined up and down Coastal Hwy in lawn chairs, and every parking lot looks like a car show with paint shining and hoods up. Again, we lucked into something cool we had no way of expecting. Too cool. We won't even get around to the Oktoberfest festivities at the convention center and the boardwalk.

The backpack containing my laptop fell off the bike Thursday night, and then fell off the couch in the room when we got here. It does not work. So... this is being written from the hotel lobby. No pics here, and this will be the last post until we get home.

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