Monday, October 12, 2009


We're back home, a little worse for wear, but all smiles nonetheless. And, my bike has proven itself to be fixed, so I guess I replaced the right part. Now I just need to figure out where my gas mileage went...

The weekend started off a little sketchy; we rode back to my apartment to get some stuff I forgot, and ended up riding into rain. Then, we barely kept ahead of it once we did turn around and get headed south.

It seems that every ride we go on, Donna ends up having to pass some kind of test. Dirt roads, nighttime rain, gale winds, whatever. I test her. This time, I pulled the secret cord and launched my helmet and rainsuit bag into her path 5 minutes after we took them off. She aced again (as usual) and so did the pickup truck behind her, but 10 minutes later we were again trying to ride out of rain. It worked, and we didn't end up putting them back on.

Saturday was a cloudy, rainy day, and we gave up on Chinconteague after getting no further than Ocean City H-D. We instead went to the Maryland end of Assateague Island and ended up in the middle of a bicycle race. We get ourselves into the weirdest stuff...
Friday night, Donna had her party hat on pretty good and I rode us home. Saturday night, we were within walking distance and it was me who was throwing them back pretty good. We hung out with the band between sets, and did some quality drinking. By Sunday morning, Donna was getting a pretty good cold or something (Please no Swine Flu!) and wasn't sounding too good. We were both pretty much glad to get home. By then it was getting pretty chilly, too, so we were glad to rinse the salt off the bikes and curl up under a blanket watching football.

Damn, we are good together.

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  1. Perhaps if that helmet was ON YOUR HEAD where it was supposed to be you wouldn't have almost killed someone? :-P