Thursday, June 23, 2011

Party Time

Work has been hell lately.  The 16-month project I've been working on was deployed last weekend, and as is always the case, the last few weeks have been a flurry of activity, late nights, and stress.  You knew it was coming.  We've also had a lot with graduation, etc., as you see.

We also knew *this* was coming:  Thunder in the Valley in Johnstown, PA.  The way the schedule worked out, this was going to be perfect timing; the perfect opportunity to kick back and blow off steam.  Our usual haunt, Gettysburg Bike Week, has changed venues this year, and we decided to let others tell us how it works out.  We've always heard great things about Johnstown, and you can only do so many things.  We decided this is the year.  I'm finishing up my coffee and we're firing up the bikes.  Check back next week to see how it went!

P.S.  Rainsuits again.  WTF?

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