Monday, June 20, 2011

Pomp and Circumstance

We're 4-for-4 !

With Southern Lehigh's graduation on the 17th, all of our kids are now officially edumicated to the extent prescribed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Courtney and Garrett are now just weeks away from being legal adults, and Katrina already was 18 when she wore the tassel on the 9th.  Jesse graduated last year, and is already halfway through his sophomore year at Penn State.

Funny how things went from one extreme to the other by age.  Jesse had a year's worth of college credits by the time he was out of high school.  Katrina was always in the clear, but could not afford to have anything go wrong in her last semester, or she could have ended up in jeopardy.  Courtney contracted Senioritis and made it more of a question than it should have been.  And Garrett?  He had to hit home runs in May and June.  It was dicey to say the least. His status turned to green the day before caps and gowns went out.

But he did it, and we're so proud of all of them.   Being a parent of a teenager (or any age, I guess) is not always a barrel of laughs.  But graduation is a great, great moment for a parent, and we're happy for our kids.  Each faces a different future, and although we can conjecture, nobody ever knows for sure.  All we know is that our kids are no longer children.  A page is turned, and a glass is raised...

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