Monday, August 1, 2011

Things That Are No Longer Novel

Things that were neat for a while but no longer capture our fancy:
  • Windmills (the Little House on the Prairie well pump kind)
  • Big Cows
  • Little Cows
  • "You want that in a sack?"
  • Oil Derricks
  • Dirt Roads
  • "No Services Next 75 Miles"
  • Wind Turbines (the Amalgamated Energy Corp kind)
  • Ooh, there's a car coming the other way.
  • ... 30 seconds... Ah, maybe it's just a mirage
  • ...30 seconds... Nope, it's definitely a car coming
  • ...30 seconds... Actually, it's a pickup towing a horse trailer
  • ...30 seconds...  Whoosh
  • ...30 minutes... "Look at the cows"

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