Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gettysburg 2010

KevAndDonna are back home again (didn't know we were gone, did you?)

If it's the second week of July, then it must be Gettysburg Bike Week. This one we were really looking forward to, for a couple of reasons. Donna has been at every GBW for probably 5 years now, and Kev killed a bunch of brain cells there a few years back at a state HOG rally. Last year, we went together for the first time, and the circumstances were a little different - the two of us, instead of a bunch of girls on the loose.

But that turned out like we knew it would - us completely in our groove, hair down and having just the best time together. We are ridiculously good together anytime, as you've read here often, but anything that includes the words "bike" and "week" is the perfect setup for us lovebirds. We are each in our natural element, and together we're like trouble on wheels. We feed off each other. It really is the coolest thing.

This year, it was us, two *different* girls, and another couple from the HOG chapter. No rain to speak of, lots of time in the saddle on Saturday, lots of fun off the bikes at night. And, Donna got her Boogie Lites fixed while we were there.

Replacing that light pod took forever, and kept us walking in the sun all day. Then, our nighttime plans got screwed by the Comfort Inn. Last year, we saw that hotel being built right next to the biggest party in town, and we staggered past it on the way back to our own hotel. This year, we knew we had to stay there. But, in an ironic twist, they complained to the borough and the LCB about the plans for the massive outdoor party next door at the Pike Tavern, which put the kibosh to the whole reason we stayed there in the first place. Bastards.

We did go inside the Pike one night for the DJ, and Saturday we just drank in the parking lot for free and watched all the bikes roll in and out. They actually slid a letter under each guest's door explaining their position on the whole thing, but the end result is that we're going elsewhere next year. We'll be off the bikes regardless, because we'd like to survive to ride again. We got a late start on our lives to begin with, and now that it's finally getting good, we don't want it to end.

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