Monday, July 19, 2010

You Like Adventure?

If you are visiting this site, it's most likely to follow our travels and see what kind of adventures we get ourselves into. And if you enjoy that, have we got something for you...

As you see on many of these posts, this bug is hereditary. Kevin's dad and mom often make appearances on these pages, because they do what we do. Only better. Enjoying a life of active retirement, Mom and Dad took a month to ride to California and down the Pacific Coast highway a few years back. Last year, they toured Mexico.

Now, they're at it again. To see some truly amazing pictures from the 49th state (Alaska, for those who didn't ace History) click on this link to their photo albums.

There is no narrative (we get the inside scoop via e-mail) but the pix are worth thousands of words anyway. They had 2 bouts of bike trouble, both solved without help, and are getting *lots* of rain. They had to abandon a plan to go to the Arctic Circle due to the road being washed out for a week. But the rest of the story is all good, and the images are simply amazing. We're jealous...

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