Thursday, July 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

So, it's the 4th of July weekend as I have enough time to actually put up a post about Memorial day. Jeez... time flies.

Way back when, we spent Memorial Day weekend in Washington with our HOG chapter, who went with the Vietnam Vets and 2nd Brigade clubs. These guys really have this down to a science, and we get to see and do a lot of things in three days. It was a great experience, and it made for a really cool weekend of celebration and reflection.

Thursday night, we had gone to see Bon Jovi at the New Meadowlands stadium after work, and it rained. The show went on, late, but it was a rockin' show and a great time. I thought the PA could have been better, but they were tight and you knew all the words. Good times.

So, with traffic, we got home around 3 and figured we'd ride to DC by ourselves when we got up. We had originally planned to ride with the boys, but it was way late so we just figured we'd take the express route and catch up with them when we could.

The dogs weren't having that, though, and figured it was a workday. Hey man, it's Friday and all. Feeding time at the zoo. I got a bug up my ass like I do sometimes, and next thing dogs are outside peeing and people are getting dressed. We hit the diner and fueled up next door as the guys were getting ready to pull out. We got off to an OK start, but then it started raining about halfway down, in Gettysburg. We hung in there, visited Arlington Cemetery, and then actually ended up going back out with them immediately after checking into the hotel.

That night, they were going to the Marine Corps Evening Parade at the barracks, and that was probably the one thing I really wanted to do that weekend. Parking at dinner was a circus. First there was a call to move bikes that were about to be towed, then some knucklehead in a Benz failed parallel parking, and knocked a bike over into another. That fiasco ended about as well as it could have, and we found ourselves at the barracks as the sun was setting. That was going to be really cool, until it started raining pretty hard the second time.

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