Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Home Sweet Home (Part 1)

Big news...

Since getting together over the winter last year, KevAndDonna have been pretty much inseparable. We do everything together. True partners in crime, we are as good together as two people can get. We hear it all the time, and we say it all the time ourselves. As we like to say, it's pathetic.

We've been spending just about every night together anymore, curled up tightly together like the two peas in a pod that we are. As such, Kevin's apartment has thus become a large, and very expensive, storage unit / park and ride. I don't even stay there on carpool days anymore; I actually meet Judi there. On weekends when I have her, Katrina and I have been staying over as often as not. She's part of the family.

So, it was time to make the obvious move. With our schedule what it is, we had to move all the big stuff last weekend. Not like we had anything else going on, right? We got it done, though, and the place doesn't look too bad at all despite all the stuff that still needs to be unpacked and given new homes. Anyway, I have nowhere else to sleep now. It's official. My mail is being forwarded.

We know we can't live without each other. Now, we'll find out if we can live with each other. Big difference, we know. And we do already know we can get at it with the best of them, but we also know what we have here, and we're not about to let it slip through our fingers. We got this. And so it shall be... happily ever after. Partners in crime.

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