Saturday, May 8, 2010

That Was No 8 Seconds


We took off this morning trying like hell to beat our usual rainy start. After analyzing an approaching band of rain, we decided to try to run out the bottom of the green blob before it made it the rest of the way across the state. We figured if we got Baltimore, we had it made.

We didn't get out of Lehigh County without getting spit on, but it was literally a couple drops on the visor. We ran like hell and got into Delaware. Sure enough, the clouds started to get blue holes in them. And then the wind picked up.

Holy hell, the wind picked up. When we got to the Susquehanna crossing, where the river is a half-mile wide, there is a sign posted that reads "CAUTION: Bridge Subject to High Crosswinds." And, that's on a good day.

It was like riding a wild bull, but the pros only have to do that for 8 seconds. We slowed to 40 mph and I honestly thought a few of those gusts were going to blow us into the water. Donna's test for the day lasted all the way to Bryan and Lydia's house in Richmond, but the bridge was the worst of it. At least it was bright and sunny.
We got to hang out with the family and hold the 5th cutest baby ever (after our own, of course.) Jon is a cool little dude and is doing quite well. Same for Mom and Bryan. Good stuff.

We continued another 85 miles or so in the evening, with Bryan tagging along for part of the ride - we swapped and I rode his Gold Wing - until he turned back and sent us on our way. We ended up in Roanoake Rapids, NC, and are heading to Myrtle Beach in the morning.

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  1. Hi Kevin.

    I hope all went well today. Lois and I flew into PHL from Dallas on Saturday and I can agree the wind was rough. We were in a medium sized jet and bounced around quite a bit. Glad you guys are safe. Enjoy!