Monday, May 10, 2010

Myrtle Beach

Here we are at Kevin and Karen's place in Georgetown, SC. We're about 20 miles from the Grand Strand, where we rode around last night checking out all the Bike Week festivities.

We cruised through NC on I-95 yesterday, and actually ended up wearing sweatshirts and our leather jackets under the bright sun. Chilly, but beautiful. After the obligatory stop at South of the Border (Pedro says, "you never sausage a place") we hit the backroads for a nice ride to Georgetown. We dropped off our bags and caught up for a while, headed up to the beach to pick up Karen from work at the Harley dealer, then took ride through town and bought our hosts dinner.

Due to strong opposition by the mayor, Myrtle Beach Bike week is effectively over in the city itself. Most of the activities took place in the neighboring towns anyway, but the crowds are down by at least 75%, and the city itself is practically devoid of bikes. We took a chance at a bogus traffic stop and ticket, and rode down the main drag, and every hotel had a vacancy sign lit. I know the mayor is happy, but I don't think he has a lot of company.

Today we're going to go hit all the biker hangouts and maybe take a walk down the boardwalk, then tomorrow it's off to the Old South: Charleston and Savannah. We have a room in Savannah, and should get a post in and add some pix then. If not, we'll either be staying another night or heading to Daytona. It will be hard saying goodbye to our hosts, though, they are two really great people and a lot of fun to ride with.

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  1. Hey guys - if you get a chance tell Kevin & Karen I said "hi" - not sure if Karen remembers me. BTW - fking freeze warning up here tonight - had to bring my new baby pine trees in. Enjoy your trip - be safe !