Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Southern Charm

We said goodbye to Kevin and Karen and headed for Georgia, by way of Charleston and Beaufort. Weather was kinda gray but there was little chance of rain, and we didn't get any. Route 17 was pretty light and there's not much to see but pine trees.

When we got to Charleston, we were glad that we decided to stop. We parked the bikes and took a walk around, and it was really neat. The highlight there was all the stately old homes along the water. Really cool, and too bad we only had an hour or two to spend.

Then we got to Savannah, and realized we made the right choice on where to spend more time. Wow. This is one cool place.

We came in the "back way" along the river, and found ourselves surrounded by 10,000 big trucks hauling sea containers. You should have seen them stacked up to the moon for miles.

We're in a deluxe hotel right on Bay Street in front of the City Market,
which is where we found the neatest candy store. We checked in and got showers, then found Paula Deen's restaurant, which was only 2 blocks away. We opted for the Riverwalk, instead, and had our fancy meal for the trip along the water. For the first time I can remember, I left with food on my plate. It was good, but we had torn through a couple appetizers, oysters, soup and salad, and that was all we could take. We both had pie, though :)

The one thing I will say is every city has its own character, and this one seems to have borrowed one from New Orleans. Not that you can't tell them apart, and yes there's some "low country" mixed in there, (and it doesn't smell nearly as bad!) but the menus look pretty much the same.

Which reminds me, Donna had her first praline, and her first boiled peanuts this week. I had my first raw oysters. Mmmm...

We're off to Daytona Beach next. The way this morning is going, we'll probably end up taking I-95 just to get there early enough to spend some time on the beach. We tend to make stuff up as we go along.

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