Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Yes, we're still alive!

8:00 and we just pulled in here in downtown Montreal. Seriously. Downtown.

This the third late night in a row, and to be honest, it's getting old. At least it's not like last night, when it was 9:30 and raining. We're all in a good mood tonight - we had a nice ride today and are looking forward to taking a walk through the busy city streets.

We got up this morning in Riviere-du-Loup and again adjusted the itinerary because we had gotten in so late. What a night that was getting into Canada. We made a beeline for Quebec today and got a good look at the city before moving on to Montreal. The route was more or less along the St. Lawrence the entire way, although we saw very little water and a lot of flat land.

We've been techincally on schedule the entire way, landing in the places we intended to reach every day, but we've cut a corner or two and have been on the road later than expected more often than not. Once again, we'll try tomorrow to get a little bit ahead for a change.

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