Saturday, August 22, 2009


We started off today with a great breakfast, and had time to do the walk behind the falls thing before checking out and hitting the road.

The weather started out sunny and nice, but we were held up in a line at the border, and the dark clouds were closing in fast. We just got rolling and outran it with no more than a spritz, and were happily on our way home through the Finger Lakes, when...

A bee got trapped in my helmet and stung me in the cheek. Which sucked, but not compared to what happened next: I pulled over and stopped, and the bike wouldn't restart again. Same ol crap as Thursday.

So now I have no idea what to do next. I did get it started again, and put gas in it in Watkins Glen without shutting it off. It did restart at the hotel here outside of Elmira, so hopefully we will get home tomorrow with one more engine-running fuel stop. Mom and dad kept rolling tonight and should get home late. That way if I do have any trouble tomorrow, I'll be able to call him and sent him running for me in his truck.

So, I'm pissed but at least not in any great danger of being stranded and having my bike stolen and/or all my worldly possessions that are strapped to it.

I'll update one more time when we get home, then do my usual clean out of the notebook and fill in any neat stuff that I didn't get to post on the fly.

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