Sunday, August 16, 2009

This Bike Climbed Mount Washington

I knew we were on to something when we woke up this morning and there were a dozen bikes in that little parking lot. We left Brattleboro and spent the morning riding the Green Mountains in Vermont, and if there's a more beautiful place in the world, I can't imagine what it could be. If you could move that to New Jersey and charge admission...

We didn't stop at Ben and Jerry's, but we did pick up some maple syrup before crossing the Connecticut River into New Hampshire, where we were greeted by the prim and proper grounds of Dartmouth College. Only two states today, but it sure was quality time. Our goal was to get to Mount Washington and get one of those cheesy bumper stickers that says "THIS CAR CLIMBED MOUNT WASHINGTON," so I could cross out the word 'car' and write in, 'bike.' In order to get up before it closed for the day, we had to fall back on a contingency plan and skip the Kancamagus Highway, which is supposedly a must-ride if you're in the Granite State. But in comparison to the route we took today, it probably wouldn't have been much different.

We did get up to the top, and get this: the road has become so popular with motorcyclists, there is one lane at the "toll booth" for cars, and one for bikes. And, there is even a smaller version of the sticker that says "bike" instead of car! And just in case you wanted to know, the decal is your ticket - you can't buy it in the gift shop and the only way you get it is by driving up. So when you see one, you know the car was actually up there.

It's a pretty hairy ride, and it goes up above the treeline where the only thing besides rocks is lichens. For a while, we were actually looking across the cloud ceiling like you do in an airplane. pretty neat if I don't say so myself. Donna left her bike at the motel and rode on the back with me so she could take pictures. We actually have a cool video she took on the way down.
Tomorrow, we're off to the Maine coast and a good lobster dinner.

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  1. Hi. Vermont is my favorite state. Would move there in a minute. Glad you got to go up Mt. Washington we did it a couple years ago it's a hairy ride. Looking forward to reading about the rest of your travels.
    Ride Safe