Friday, July 29, 2011


We woke in Crown Point to see the news reports of all the overnight flooding there and in Chicago.  Jesus.  After saying our goodbyes, we set out with rainsuits on again, but this time headed directly south (we had planned to take I-80 all the way to Pennsylvania.)

That worked like a charm; we barely got wet, no lightning, and at the first gas stop the rainsuits went back into the bag.  We had one more overnight stop on the way home, and I knew from experience that reaching Columbus would make for a manageable ride home tomorrow.

About 40 miles out, we stopped for gas and it was hot and humid as hell.  We noticed the sky darkening around us a bit.  Sound familiar?

We knew there were a lot of motel options in Columbus.  There were 4 at this exit.  It was after 5:00.  I asked Donna if she wanted to call it a day a little early, and she responded that based on what resulted from her choice two nights earlier, she would abstain.

I figured it would be nice to  not push our luck, get in the 45 minutes earlier, and relax.  We'd still be home in under 9 hours tomorrow.

10 minutes after we checked in, we were sipping a cool cherry vodka iced tea, gazing out the window at a blinding thunderstorm that almost blew the bikes over and washed them away.


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