Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yeah, But It's a Dry Heat

This morning, reveille was at 06:00 hours, and we had the kickstands up not long after 7.  We really had to cover some map, and this was the only sensible way to beat the system.  It worked; by 10:00, it was still only 90, and we had more miles logged than we did the entire previous day.  We got through Cawker City, where Donna had the thrill of a lifetime, (click on photo above) and then passed through the geographic center of the United States in Lebanon KS before popping up into Red Cloud, Nebraska.
We continued west through the Cornhusker State, and ended up here in McCook early in the afternoon.  The UPS guy from the last gas stop 60 miles out told us to find the bakery and order a sandwich on their otherworldly rolls, and also told us there were a couple motel chains in town, and even where to get dinner.  That gas stop was about 1:00, and the mercury was reading an even 100.  When we looked at the map over lunch and estimated our odds at finding a place to stay anywhere within a reasonable distance beyond McCook to be about nil.  So, Days Inn, it is.

The last two days, I mentioned to Donna how amazing it was how there was so little humidity.  You can tell, because the glare in the chrome is so much sharper, like it is in the fall.  The Weather Channel confirmed my observation; it was 99 and 30% humidity when we threw our bags into the room.  Since we live in the Lehigh Valley and the only time I was in Las Vegas was in December, I have had to listen to all those people that say, "Oh, but It's a dry heat.  Or, "It's not the heat, it's the humidity," and I've had to keep my mouth shut, because I've never experienced a summer day with less than 97% humidity.

Well, sorry, but I'm calling bullshit.  100 degrees is frickin' hot.  Period.

We're heading for Denver tomorrow, and they're saying it will only get to the low 90's.  That'd be great, but we've got the alarm set for 6 anyway.  We're still pretty much on schedule, still lovin' life, and looking forward for it to get even better.  After all this flat, hot farmland, seeing the Rockies come into view should be pretty awesome.

In the meantime, if you like cows and corn - have I got the ride for you.

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