Friday, July 29, 2011

The Great River Road

OK, so we're a couple days behind here.  We're safe and sound, leaving Crown Point, IN in the rain.  I'll go back now and give the post I owe from, uh, whatever day it was.

Leaving the Badlands, we tore across I-90 through South Dakota and Minnesota, and as soon as we got into Wisconsin, we headed south along the Mississippi on the Great River Road.  In Eau Claire, we popped back over the other side into Iowa, shooting for Davenport. More details on that, and yesterday's fun, to come later.

Things got a little funky there with the weather, and have been that way since.  We're changing things on the fly today and heading south back to Indy, from where we will retrace our steps back east.  We had originally planned to continue from here on I-80, but the weather is forcing our hand.  Either way, it's Interstate, and we've seen both routes more than once so it's really no big deal.  We'll go with "dry."

I will try to update again from the road, and there are lots of pix and a bunch of neat little anecdotes that I will catch up on over the weekend.  This has been a great, great trip, 4100 miles so far heading into the home stretch.

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