Monday, July 25, 2011

Deadwood, SD

Tonight, we are in Deadwood, South Dakota, in the Iron Horse Inn about 500 yards from where Wild Bill Hickok was shot in the back playing poker in in Saloon Number 10 in 1876. 

We're running out of adjectives here, but this place is really, really cool - an actual Old West town more or less the way it appeared 100 years ago right down to the cobblestone Main Street.  The entire town of Deadwood is on the National Register of Historic Places, the only town with that distinction.

We left Torrington this morning and headed north to Devil's Tower, the first National Monument in the United States.  This was the de facto "destination" of the trip; not because we needed to get to it more than Route 66, or the Rockies, or the Sturgis motorcycle rally (but definitely more than the World's Largest Ball of Twine.)  The reason it was the destination was because it was somewhere we'd never been, that we could get to and from in two weeks.

And so, as we headed away from the tower and Wyoming Route 24 made its turn eastward out of Hulett with 2,830 miles on the tripmeter, we officially began to head home. 

Not that there's nothing left to do but run.  We have another night here before leaving town, and there's still a lot to see before we jump onthe interstate in Indiana with our heads down and the throttle cables stretched tight.

It's getting late, so the pictures will have to wait one more day until tomorrow.  At least we have them this time.

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