Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bay City Rollers

From Alexandria Bay to North Bay today. We are here on the shores of Lake Nipissing, in Waythehellupthere County, Ontario. Mom and Dad rolled in about an hour after us, so we're one big happy family again.

This morning was crisp and clear, and after a quick and easy border crossing, we were on our way, eh? We stopped in Kingston to visit historic Fort Henry, and before we got any appreciable distance covered, it was already noon. With that, we hightailed it north going 110 the whole way up to the Ottawa River. Major highways in this neck of the woods are 2 lanes, with the majority of tributaries being of the dirt variety, so passing bunches of cars a half dozen at a clip sort of keeps your attention.

Reaching Pembroke, we turned west, while the weather turned south. Finally an hour or two short of our destination, it held out no more and we got a little wet and chilled.  Nothing major, and we never even stopped to suit up, but the bikes need a cleaning and our pants legs needed to dry out over dinner.  We're getting our showers now and we'll be ready to rock early tomorrow morning.  We'll continue west (that's where Wisconsin is, after all) to Lake Superior, hang a left, and hopefully make our beds back in the good ol' US of A.

I'm sure you figured out the play, but as we were going 110 the temperature was 23 degrees. Since the speed limit was 80, that meant those blocks of cars were going under 55 in mph. Ain't nobody got time fo dat.

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