Saturday, August 24, 2013

St. Lawrence Seaway

Here we are in Alexandria Bay, NY. We had perfect weather to ride up here- we'll take 9 more of these, please. Today's ride was a couple hundred miles of interstate, hammered out early so we could get into town and do some sightseeing.

The castle pictured is Boldt Castle, another Gilded Age retreat of the type that  seems to be becoming a trend with us this year.  Not by design, mind you. This destination was stricken at least three times from various plans over the last few years. The first time, I had a bike that started only occasionaly, ridden (when running) in pouring rain, and disassembled in a motel parking lot while Donna did laundry. We made the necessary adjustments and have been trying to get back here ever since.

We did take the ferry to the castle, and enjoyed an afternoon on the island grounds and in "downtown" Alexandria Bay. Right now, we're enjoying a Jagerbomb on our stoop here at JT's Roadhouse after a great day. We're gonna tritsel through the parking lot in a few minutes, grab a burger and a beer or two, and see wha tomorrow holds.

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