Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Time to get the celebrating started! We left Escanaba about 9 this morning, made up an hour to Central time about 15 miles down the road, and after two quick tourism stops, we arrived here in Milwaukee about 4:00.

After 1,400 miles of smooth sailing, we're 50 miles out of town and my bike all of a sudden starts to cough and spit (at 75 mph in the hammer lane) I did a quick check over my shoulder, grabbed the right lane while Donna grabbed the brakes and Dad went sailing by. Now everyone is reacting, the motor goes completely dead, and as I pull in the clutch and hit the flashers I notice the smell of gas. And hey, is my left leg wet

Roadside analysis did confirm a blown fuel line. Further probing revealed a failed clip, and a little fiddling had it tentatively reassembled. With fingers crossed, we set out with the last 50 miles ahead of us.

We made it with no drama; we're checked in now, and off for dinner at a super-secret location, ready to get our party hats on!

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