Friday, August 16, 2013

One Wedding and a Funeral

Today was a strange, emotional day.

Last week, we lost a dear friend in his prime to an idiot in a car.  Actually, two idiots in two cars.  And truth be told, it wasn't idiots on the phone or not paying attention, or being inconsiderate.  One was, in fact, being quite considerate (and stupid) and the other was being grateful - and stupid.  So, when he made the left across traffic at the invitation of Friendly Driver stopped in the other direction, he never peeked into the slow lane before just missing the back of Jocelyn's bike, and presenting himself broadside directly in front of Freddy and Raindrop.  And that was that. 

He had lots of friends and family send him off today, and that's great to see, but it should have never happened.  We'll never laugh with our friend again.

In the next breath, we came home to shower and put on our Sunday best to head to NJ and witness the wedding of my cousin Andy and his beautiful bride Laura - which was the complete opposite emotion from just hours earlier.  It was great to see them so happy, and to be in the company of friends and family not seen in so long.

Life is strange. 

And precious.

Rest in peace, Freddy.

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