Sunday, July 31, 2016


Today, we bid adieu to Canada and are back under the American flag here in Lubec, Maine - the easternmost point in the United States. Donna and I were here a few years ago in this same little Mom & Pop motel, and that time, my fantastic idea was to set the alarm for o-dark thirty and head over to the actual point, under the lighthouse, and be the very first people in the country to see the sun that day. Except, of course, it was fogged in, and we could barely see the water, let alone the sun. There will be no such shenanigans tomorrow.

Also, the people at the campfire our first night told me that due to the elevation and the Earth's tilt, the first rays actually hit the top of Cadillac Mountain down the road in Acadia Nat'l Park, which I kind of remembered having heard at one point. So, whatever.

The people we're with don't seem to be much for sightseeing, so we'll probably ride by tomorrow and skip the park and the view in the interest of time. Another place we'll have to come back to...

We had a fantastic breakfast at the train station this morning, and after a nice ride along the northern shore, picked up the high-speed Trans-Canada highway just before crossing back into New Brunswick and then hightailed it over to the US border. From there it was under an hour down US-1 to Lubec.  I metered out my Canadian currency (Canadians have way cooler money, by the way) perfectly, and spent the last dime at the duty free shop.

So here we are, following non-metric road signs, carrying American money, in the Eastern time zone (bonus hour today - woo!) and heading for home. We'll take 3 days to get there, with little in the way of sightseeing, but also little in the way of busting ass or fighting traffic. Still better than work.

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