Saturday, July 30, 2016


This morning dawned foggy (surprise) as seems to be the norm when the North Atlantic is within view. We pulled out of Digby on time at 8:00 and headed out for a 250 mile ride back up the Nova Scotia side of the bay to complete our tour of the province and position us for our run homeward. We ended up on some sketchy backroads for a bit, but otherwise had a nice ride in some superb weather. Funny listening to all the Canadians bitch about how hot it is, as we ride around in long sleeves or jackets.

We checked out Burntcoat Head park, near the base of the Bay of Fundy and home to the highest tides in the world, ranging from 30-50 feet. As we rode through the morning, the tide had been receding, so we got to walk around on the mud of the ocean "floor" and look up at the high red cliffs. Very cool.

I chose a restaurant fou lunch based on two signs, and turned into the "driveway," which was in reality a dirt road that we gave up on after 1/2 mile. Our Softails are by no means light and agile, but full dressers like Jim & Dorinda's are a real bitch in that stuff. Getting them turned around was some work and some stress.

We ended up at a travel plaza right on the 45th parallel, exactly halfway between the equator and north pole, and we opted for Tim Horton's (I still don't like it,) while they went KFC. At this time, it was Jim's turn to be a bit gretzy. From there, it was a short ride and early arrival to the Train Station Inn in Tatamagouche, where I write this from our caboose for the evening, and where everything is hunky-dory and friends are friends.

This place is super cool, and dinner in the dining car was fabulous. I had a lamb ragout, a nice change up from seafood, although I also had chowder as I have pretty much every day. We were lucky to get the last two cabooses when we called in May.

Tomorrow is kickstands up at 8 as we start closing the distance between us and home. We'll actually be retracing our route from mid-morning on, which I hate to do, but which is pretty much the only option right here if we are to get home by Wednesday. By day's end, we should be back in the good ol' USA, at it's very easternmost point.

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