Friday, July 29, 2016

Rob McKenna

I started writing this post on the ferry from PEI to Nova Scotia, and here we are 2 days later and still no update. When this happens (which is often) I usually narrate from the point of view from the moment, with no knowledge of what is about to happen next.

We left at 7:30 am to catch the 9:30 ferry, and, though dreary, it was dry. We had our breakfast, and as we walked out the door, it startef to rain just as predicted. After a 40-min ride to the terminal, the rain ceded once on board. 75 mins later, we disembarked in Caribou NS, rain gear still on, and a km up the road, it began to rain in earnest. This continued for 90 mins as we rode to our rendezvous point with my mom & dad, who unloaded their bike at their campground earlier, and who will remain on Cape Breton for a few weeks until they damn well feel like going home.

So we warmed up & hand dryered for a bit in the Tim Horton's before heading for the Cabot Trail. Rain had stopped and the radar was looking iffy.

There was no "if" as we walked to the bikes and it started to pour. 45 km later, we all walked dripping wet into the Gaelic Music Cultural Centre, where we enjoyed decent food & s-l-o-w service over some Scottish music while the rain again stopped.

Until we put the keys in the bikes. Literally walked out dry, under a brightening sky, and my hair got soaked before I could get my helmet on.

This continued up the first leg of the Cabot Trail, to the cute little fishing / tourist village of Cheticamp where we checked into a cute little mom-and-pop thing and dried off for real. We put off walking for dinner until it stopped raining for a bit. Until we stepped off the porch.

This  actually repeated while we ate qnd left ti walk back. Literally every time we stepped outdoors that day.

Nonetheless, our spirits are up, and tomorrow is supposed to be a much better day on one of the most scenic drives on the continent.

Anybody get the title reference?

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