Sunday, July 24, 2016

Campfire Stories

I tell campfire stories all the time. Most times, there's no campfire. Doesn't matter. Yesterday turned out to be one of those Harley-Davidson ads in real life, which actually happen more often you'd think they would

After a long day in the saddle that completely changed our frame of mind from work, chores, and the drone of daily life, to freedom, the wind, and the yellow line, we ended up in front of a fire in Adirondack chairs swapping tall tales with kindred spirits from halfway across the country. We decided to take a taxi to the other end of town for dinner, since the rain that played with us over the last 30 miles was still making up its mind after we got settled in and cleaned up. By the time we called for our ride home, however, the sky was back to blue just in time for the sun to set.

As we decabbed, the fire pit in the court was coming to life, and we were beckoned to join the folks who had ridden in just before us, and opted for pizza delivery. They were from Milwaukee and had just come through thd Poconos on their way to cross paths with us in New Hampshire. Funny guys, quiet but all with the same dry sense of humor. We helped some kid roast marshmallows for smores, and made fun of him for being a Tom Brady fan. We never did figure out what his dad was up to, but he was out on his own recognizance for quite a while and his mom was back in Boston.

Today was supposed to be 350 some miles, but I missed my very first turn out of town and added another 50 to it right off the bat. I never miss turns. Never. I go years without making a wrong turn (without a GPS) but here I am, one day out and 10 minutes from the hotel, and never saw a sign directing NH-15 for what I'm sure had to be a right turn.

Nonetheless, it was a breathtaking, if unplanned, ride through the gorgeous valleys of the Presidential Range, and here we are on the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. No campfire tonight, but a nice evening nonetheless on the waterfront. We'll get to sleep late tomorrow and take an easy ride to Prince Edward Island. Weather was gorgeous today, and so far tomorrow looks to be just as nice, and a shade cooler. Sucks that you'll be at work.

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