Friday, July 29, 2016

Coast to Coast

OK, not quite as big a deal as, say, New York to California, but we did go from the south (open ocean) coast to the north (Bay of Fundy) coast today. Yet, it was by far the shortest mileage (kilometerage?) day of the entire trip, and still the shortest after including a side trip to Peggy's Cove, which we're all glad we did.

We've become familiar with the coastline drive and the routine of descending with the inlet on your left, looking across, crossing the creek at the apex, and continuing up the other side, looking back across at where you just were. I should have a lot of cool pictures on the camera, which I can't upload until we get home since we didn't bring a laptop.

The first stop was the side trip to Peggy's Cove, which is a quaint & picturesque village with a lighthouse that is more tourist destination than fishing village, but one look and you'd know why.

Before turning inland, we hustled down the "expressway" to Lunenburg, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is much more a legitimate fishing village, but probably just as touristy. Got us some maple walnut ice cream, and off we went through the boonies to tonight's destination in Digby. Another 20 mins of highway along the north coast, and here we are overlooking the 30-foot Fundy tides again.

We actually sat down to dinner at 5:30 while our clothes were in the dryer, and although it's nearly midnight, we have our packs filled with clean clothes, my rainsuit had the mud washed off it and is hanging dry instead of festering in the bag where it was shoved while still wet, AND I have updated tide charts for the weekend AND I got 3 posts done to get this up to date.

Tomorrow is wagons ho at 8, and we'll be spending the night someplace really cool 250 miles later.

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