Saturday, July 23, 2016


OK so there should be posts from Daytona Bike Week 2015 and some other stuff, along with the promised wrap-up from our California the year before, preceding this. And I *was* going to do that before we left. I really was. In my defense, getting the bikes prepped threw me a bit of a curve, and I'm a pretty busy boy all the way around, but we know what excuses are like.

So here we are, and there it ain't. Maybe I'll put them up and backdate. Anyway, our annual road trip for 2016 is Nova Scotia, with another couple who we've traveled with, and partied with, with great results. So last year one day over beers, we mentioned that Nova Scotia was bubbling to the top of our list. Jim & Dorinda said, "hey, us too!" And that was pretty much all it took.

So, we got up obscenely early this morning, hit the road about 5:45, and here we are 450 miles northeast in North Conway, NH listening to the train whistle of the Mount Washington Railway and plotting dinner. It was really hot once the sun got high, and the bikes got wet and dirty over the last 30 miles or so, but we're cooled off nicely and all is well.

This should be a really fun trip, and lots of cool stuff made it into the plan. Our longest day is already in the books, so from here on it should be lots of pics & lots of fun.  One down, 11 to go!

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