Friday, July 29, 2016


Thursday, we had our shortest planned day so far, and decided to get out a bit later after having returned from dinner after 10 the night before. The day's ride took us along the southern coast after a ride across the interior broken up only by a stop in Sherbrooke Village, a restored village of the 1800's. Pretty cool, especially with the folks walking around in period garb and kids playing tag.

Back to the coast, and back to cool air and periodic fog. We decided to go just beyond Halifax and take advantage of our short day by visiting the Harley dealer for an oil change for Jim and a poker chip for our collection.

Our short day ended up longer after Jim waved us onto a route indicated by his GPS, but which took us directly through the center of both Dartmouth and Halifax during rush hour. This sucked, especially since my error from the other day could have been discovered by having the GPS programmed with our destination, and today, it took us off the quicker route I had planned. But it got us there, and made us "even" in a sense.

I got kinda gretzy that night, because I'd wanted to do laundry, and post an update, and not get up from the dinner table at 9 o'goddamn clock at night every night, and, oh, there was a cool street festival. Donna, bless her heart, tolerated me, and Jim and Dorinda knew what was up but I kept it low key and all is well. Service has been generally horrible the entire week, and we haven't been out of a restaurant in under 2 hours, I don't think. Food has been mostly good except for last night (Wed) though, and tonight we managed to get out and walk the waterfront & festival a bit.

Tomorrow is dven shorter and will have us back on the Bay of Fundy side after a cool sightseeing stop or 2. Hopefully we'll get in early to do that laundry & blogging and maybe even some stargazing in the dark sky preserve.

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