Friday, August 1, 2014


For all the preparations that have been progressing piecemeal over months, and to some degree, years, it sure did come down to the wire.  In fact, we're still not quite as prepared as we'd like to be as far as points of interest for this trip, but I concede that we're a lot more prepared than we need to be. 

As you read previously, the bikes themselves have been ready for some time - in fact, we did have a disastrous cascade of problems from something as simple as a tire change, but since it was done a month ahead of time, I had plenty of time to fix someone else's errors.  No last-minute frenzy. How bout THAT for a change of pace?

And we do have a turn-by-turn route that's good for the first 8 days and 3,500 miles or so (which we will promptly deviate from at the earliest opportunity.)  So, what the hell, right?  At this point, all that's left is to fire 'em up and point 'em west. Time to do what we do best.  Adios, amigos.

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