Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sin City

We're still a couple days behind with the updates here. When we last spoke, our heroes were en route to Sin City in 108-degree heat. Let's stop right there for a second and debunk the "dry heat" thing. One hundred frickin eight degrees blasting you in the face is hot, with a capital H. Period.
So then we see Vegas appear in the desert before us, and I realize that my plan to get on the Strip all the way at the south end, take the picture by the iconic sign, and ride the Strip through traffic and a hundred traffic lights all the way up to our hotel in old downtown is simply not a good idea at all at this point. So, we get off at one of the first exits to reroute via the freeway, and you'll never guess what happens while we're drinking our extra large iced teas...
It starts pouring down rain!  2,200 miles through all the humid thunderstorm states, and the rainsuits never came out of the bag. Here we are in Las Vegas watching it pour buckets!
We did wait it out, though, so the gear is still stowed. And we were very relieved to get into our posh room at the Downtown Grand casino, and just decompress for a while before hitting the town. We did just that, drinking and dancing until after midnight, and we have a bunch of pictures of shenanigans and weirdos , which I STILL am hoping to get up soon.
The next installment will have us dealing with gremlins and dehydration.

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