Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Mother Road

Well, we made our 1,000 miles, but in 26 hours, not 24. We stopped at Ozark H-D anyway and got a poker chip, but no witness form.
About 80 miles down the interstate, we jumped off and our Route 66 adventure began. After a ride through Springfield, we stopped to see our friend Gary Turner at his old Sinclair station
 and give him a vintage PA tag and a LV HOG license plate to display. He again told us to help ourselves to a free water or pop and some fresh watermelon, and gave Donna a free t-shirt for her birthday.
He kept  us entertained for over an hour and also recommended a nice little mom-and-pop hotel 30 miles down the road in Carthage, where we're enjoying a beer on the porch waiting for our pizza to show up.
Tomorrow night we'd like to find a bed
somewhere west of OKC, so we don't get caught in the morning rush. It will be a much more relaxed day of maybe 300 miles. Weather is supposed to be hot but no chance of rain. We'll take it!

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  1. Hey we stayed at the Super8 in Carthage on our way back from New Orleans in May