Sunday, August 10, 2014

Day 10

Today is our first two-nighter, which means we've unpacked a bit instead of our more efficient mode that gets us in and out more quickly.  It also means we get to do what we want, although of course I had a plan.
This plan probably, unbeknownst to us at the time, went out the window sometime around 10:30 pm, when we returned to our favorite bartender at the sidewalk bar on Fremont St for our third round of drinks.
At that time, it was still well over 90 degrees, as it was when we peeled open our eyes Sunday morning. (Part of this due to the effects of the dry wind over them all day.)
The plan was to ride out to Badwater Basin, 252 feet below sea level in Death Valley. But after our experience the day before, our current state of advanced dehydration, and an expected temp at least 15 degrees higher than yesterday, we realized that even with a gallon of water each, we very likely would end up dead, and in the very best case extremely miserable for 350 miles. That ain't vacation.
We skipped Hoover Dam on the way in because of the heat, so we took that quick 30-mile ride instead. We went deep into the base of the dam and learned all the fascinating details, which was cool.
We waited until after dark to cruise the Strip on our shiny, LED-enhanced Harleys, but even that was unbearable in the heat, and we took the freeway back. It also ties back to the gremlin reference, which
I'll cover in another post. Packing up to leave in the morning.

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