Sunday, August 3, 2014

Oklahoma is OK

Their slogan, not mine. And wouldn't you want to tell the world that you're a bit better than just OK?

Anyway, I'll tell ya what's better than OK: 75 mph speed limits! We spent the last 60 miles or so truckin' down the Will Rogers turnpike, and I gotta tell ya it was awesome with traffic cruising along at our usual freeway speed without a care in the world. In the interim, we saw some cool stuff, some oddball stuff, and ran everything from concrete 4-lane to a few miles of dirt road on the old Ozark Trail. Things went wrong in threes for us today. For me, it was three wrong turns-from a guy who regularly goes 2,000 miles on back roads without making any. But I knew the minute I missed 'em, so no blood, no foul. Donna started off with a broken strap on her main bag first thing in the morning, but we worked through everything, had a great, sunny day of adventure, and we're safe, sound, and on schedule.

Tomorrow is the rest of the Sooner State and the Texas panhandlers.

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