Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hello??? Anybody There?

OK, OK... I know it's Monday night, and I'm putting up Friday's post. And where the hell are the pictures?


I won't spoil it and say where we are tonight, and if I ever get that damn laptop connected to the interwebs again, I'm going to fix the date on this post (which you can't do on the mobile app) **NOTE: DONE! ** and get some more photos up. But a lot has happened the last couple days.

Let's just get it right out there that Monument Valley and the Painted Desert are some of the most spectacular places on Earth. After miles and miles of unpainted desert, the upgrade was amazing. You also get a sense of the vast scope of things out here. You see things very clearly in front of you; the only feature in a featureless landscape, and then you ride for a half hour, and it's still there in front of you, only bigger.

We skipped the Petrified Forest and the meteor crater (which was a huge disappointment to me) and went for Flagstaff tonight, because I recognized an error in my calculations that makes our ride up to Las Vegas a much longer one than I originally planned.  The extra seat time tonight will go a long way to making a happier tomorrow.

BONUS: We happened upon Black Bart's for dinner tonight and has a good old fashioned Western hodown complete with costumed, singing, piano playing waitstaff. Pretty cool. But, pulling in after dark again, and up with the sun. You probably won't see this post until Monday :-)

Don't feel bad; I still don't have any music on my iPod yet.

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  1. Looks very cool ... great adventure