Saturday, August 9, 2014

Two REALLY good days

We CANNOT seem to get in early and put these swimsuits that we've hauled 3,200 miles to use.  I knew we were trying to cram a lot into our time on the road, and I do my best to walk that line between making the most of our time, and making every day a chore.  We haven't crossed it yet, but every day at 4:00, we are pounding westward into the late afternoon sun instead of sitting next to the pool with a cold bevvy.

At this point, I must acknowledge my awesome lover, soul mate, and partner in crime.  I spend the afternoons worrying that she's gonna get cranky - as the saying goes, 'if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.'  But every day when we pull in, she's tired, worn out, and understanding, and if anyone's gretzy, it's been me.  God bless the Chrome Princess.

We have a little down time here while Mother Road Harley-Davidson in Kingman, AZ replaces the rear tire on my bike.  It had too much life left to replace before we left, and not enough life to make it the distance.  I got a little scared looking at the tread bars on Thursday, so I called ahead and got Gretchen to the front of the line first thing Saturday, and here we are.

I'm going to tell you that the last two days have been simply amazing, seeing the American Southwest that you see in travel guides the world over.  And meeting people from the world over.  We're tracing Route 66 for the most part, making detours where the traveler of old would have done the same, and we're about to make another today.  I'll put up a separate post for our recent adventures, and try to keep up-to date, but for now I'm going to take this time to try to get some photos added to the old posts.

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