Friday, August 29, 2014

Can Almost Taste It!

Making a final push today from the Indiana-Ohio border. Tonight we expect to be in west-central PA for my final night on the road.

I think I could do this forever (with a couple days' break every now & then) but once I'm a couple days from home, I sure can't wait to get there! I miss my baby, and I haven't seen Katrina in forever.

Yesterday, we took the back roads out of Wisconsin and steered clear of Chicago, but this ain't Montana and the towns aren't 50 miles apart and no stoplight. It took us a while.

We did stop for a legit Chicago dog in Joliet - delicious! - and then jumped on I-80, which will take us "home," or in my case, to a cozy little cottage on Lake Wallenpaupack for Labor Day weekend. That's as good as home to me, and the reunion will be sweet and long-awaited.

Let's roll!

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