Saturday, August 2, 2014


Donna and I respect all colors and creeds, but right now we have I bit of a beef with the Jehovah's Witnesses. We were trying to do another Iron Butt on our new bikes, and despite rain and some minor delays, we were on schedule at midnight, 600 miles in. Approaching Indianapolis, we pulled of for gas and a couple hours' sleep.
The Comfort Inn parking lot looked full, and the paper sign taped to the door confirmed what we suspected. What we learned next door at the Holiday Inn was that "Indy is booked."
Apparently the Witnesses are in town and there is not a room to be had. With rain blocking our path (RIDING IN RAIN AT MIDNIGHT IS NOT COOL) we spent 2 hours & WAY too much money finding a way to avoid it. Not the first time we had to do that, and won't be the last.and it's not the last time we'll be doing an Iron Butt, either. But this one is screwed.
We got some better sleep than expected, and we should be back on track tonight near the Oklahoma border.

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