Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Easy Breezy

Today, we woke up in Marina del Rey instead of having to get here from somewhere in the California desert.

This worked out well.  Instead of packing up all our crap, which is getting harder and harder with every t-shirt and souvenir we buy (plus dirty clothes take up more room because of the dirt particles!) we simply loaded it all on the luggage cart and schlepped it to the other side of the pool.  We still had to wait until the room was ready, but instead of packing and riding until after lunch, we did all our laundry, got in a workout, and I got to update your reading - which then left me only 3 or so days behind.

With all that settled, we headed for Pasadena, where we were to meet up with Donna's cousin, who she hadn't seen in 15 years.  Joan, at 70, certainly qualifies as the little old lady from Pasadena, which is what I told everyone we were going to visit, but which I really don't think Donna found as charming as I do.  So, this is the last time I will say that.

Joan is a hoot.  The girls caught up with some photos and stories, and then she had us bring our bikes in the gate and we went out for a wonderful dinner in Old Pasadena off Colorado Blvd.  We walked it off with a foot tour of the immediate neighborhood, and then got an auto tour of what seemed like the entire county.  But, as I mentioned, Joan is a hoot, and it was fun and interesting.  Pasadena is old, stately, and fascinating.  We saw the Tournament House from whence the Rose parade and football game are managed, we saw the most incredible City Hall you could ever imagine (and where a film company was shooting night scenes)  and lots of interesting sights.  For example, I bet you've never seen a diagonal crosswalk.  We did.

It was 11 pm until we got back on the freeway, but the silver lining was that at that hour, the freeways were in fact flowing freely!  A cool, relaxing day in cool, beautiful weather, with another to follow.

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